Rubber (2010, Quentin Dupieux)

270 words.

🌵🔭🛞🐇🐦‍⬛🚗👮😑 Seen this mentioned a few times. Thought it sounded ridiculous. It is. It might have been a Monty Python sketch at one time in history. Except they would have known when to end the sketch. It reminds me of those NaNoWriMo dailies where you write down whatever fourth-wall-breaking nonsense is in your head to fill the required word count. I guess if you have enough money and/or the right connections, you can turn those pages into a film. Lucky us. It could also be what someone thinks a horror movie made by Rick & Morty might look like (not the makers of Rick & Morty, the characters Rick & Morty), and you can imagine them vehemently defending its integrity. The director is French, so maybe it’s a translation issue. Maybe these jokes are hilarious and culturally relevant to a French or European audience. It’s the kind of humor that feels like they’re directly mocking the audience, like the art piece that’s a banana taped to a wall, not the kind of humor where the audience is in on the joke. This movie had a half a million dollar budget. Can you imagine an earnest young filmmaker trying to start their career seeing that and thinking, They had a half million dollars and they did that with it?? And they still had a prosperous career afterward?? What better example of the adage, It’s not what you know, but who you know, could there be? I watched this entire thing so nobody could say I didn’t give it a chance and it’s hard not to feel angry about it. (Max.)

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