The Fog (1980, John Carpenter)

119 words.

📻👻💨⛵️🔪🏠👦🛻💨💨💨🙂 I’d heard of The Fog before but never had the vaguest clue what it was about or noticed anyone talking about it. It’s atmospheric. The late-night swing jazz radio music backdrop behind everything gives it a sinister vibe. It’s got an eclectic cast of characters. But Jamie Lee Curtis got demoted from the semi-strong female lead in Halloween to a hitchhiker sidekick. I guess this was the inspiration for The Secret World’s Kingsmouth zone. The story rules that govern the capabilities of the spooky fog don’t make much sense. The dated smoke effects undercut the tension somewhat. It’s a nice idea, and I thought it started well, but the conclusion fell a bit flat for me. (Tubi.)

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