Pathologic 2, Addendum

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I mentioned before that I hadn’t run into any “difficulty walls” in Pathologic 2 yet. Well, now I have!

In my first playthrough, I got about 12 hours into the game, which put me at the start of Day 4-the beginning of Act III, where the story really starts going pear-shaped-before I reached a dead-end, no-win scenario. My hunger level was so extreme and my health was so low that I simply couldn’t walk far enough from my last save point to find any more food, and I died over and over and over again. I couldn’t even begin to work on the objectives I was supposed to work on (saving the town from the plague).

I tried scavenging empty houses (no food and/or the occupants killed me), I tried shops (no money or trade items to buy anything), I tried murdering random people with my puny knife (no food and/or I got killed), I tried everything I could think of. I concluded it was pointless to continue, and I needed to start over and do better at securing food resources in the early days.

The good news is that I was wrong before: You actually can load a previous save. I never bothered to look at the “Load Game” menu, but sure enough, there was a huge list of every time I had saved going back to the beginning of the game. So theoretically I could go back to a point where I was doing well and resume from there. (Although to be perfectly honest, I was near the brink of starvation from the very beginning.)

But there was a cryptic warning somewhere in the game admonishing me not to abuse “time-turning,” as it might not work quite the way I wanted it to. Not sure what that means. Maybe it’s better to just start over with all the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

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