COVID-19 Or Something

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You’ll have to follow me on Twitter if you want all the minute-by-minute details, because I still don’t have new glasses yet and long-form writing is a pain, but I’m pretty sure I got “it.” Either that or I got “something” at a ridiculously coincidental time, when I haven’t had “something” in a good ten years.

Fever spiked up pretty high yesterday (Saturday), and I spent most of the afternoon and night alternately shivering uncontrollably or drenched in sweat. So I’m officially now on day two of a strict two-week self-quarantine self-isolation inside my house. No symptoms before Saturday whatsoever.

Currently (Sunday) my fever is back down to somewhat normal and I feel better. However I’m still pretty exhausted and have some mild congestion, and occasional coughing (although I have that a lot anyway). I’m in reasonably decent health so I’m not too worried, although I hate feeling sick with a burning passion.

I was one of those people who for the last month have been thinking, “I’m pretty socially distant even under normal circumstances, I don’t really go out that much anyway, and now I’m washing my hands more than ever before, so there’s almost no chance that I’m going to catch this thing.”

But here we are. I have no idea where I might have gotten anything, let alone a coronavirus. The fact that it may have made its way to me should be concerning, if by some incomprehensible reason you’re still not yet concerned about the world health situation.

It’s possible it’s not COVID-19. Unfortunately I will probably never know for sure because here in the U.S. there is still a very big shortage of testing. My state is getting more test kits every day, but they still aren’t testing anyone unless they meet certain criteria, including being in direct contact with an existing COVID-19 positive case, which I haven’t.

Just letting you know. Don’t panic, but don’t ignore it.

P. S. My eye doctor appointment, the next step toward getting new glasses, was postponed until May due to the general shutdown of society surrounding the coronavirus. Sigh.

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