Games Played – November 2018

249 wc

This should be a hoot. Because I didn’t play any games in November. As I mentioned last time, I spent November recovering from back pain and avoided the PC computer chair like the plague while I worked on rebuilding my upper back muscles with torturous stretches and exercises.

  • Lord of the Rings Online, 1 hour. I played my level 62 hobbit Hunter in Mines of Moria for an hour. I did not advance any levels in the allegedly super fast leveling curve that everyone says LotRO has. This little bit of gaming probably contributed to a very painful relapse of back pain in the middle of the month.

And that was it, folks. In fact ManicTime tells me I only used the PC in November for a total of 5 hours.

I did not play any PS4 games, either.

I installed two “Editor’s Choice” Android mobile games to try, the first two I’ve installed on this phone which is a couple years old now: One was some kind of “tap the screen to keep up with the music notes” game, which was mildly amusing except for the super aggressive ads in between levels. I uninstalled it in about 10 minutes. The second was some kind of text-based post-apocalyptic adventure game, but I uninstalled it in about 2 minutes because the font was so small I couldn’t read it.

Incidentally, you might think I’d be dying to get back to playing games, but honestly I don’t miss it that much.

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