GW2 – HoT Chapters 15-16

373 wc

Just a brief GW2 update, mainly to keep up my streak of daily posts this month:

I completed HoT chapter 15, which went okay, despite the AI bugs and random weirdness that always goes along with GW2 story instances. (My crew ran across an invisible bridge to join a fight on the other side of a chasm, so I glided over to follow them, but the fight was just for show and I couldn’t actually kill anything. Turns out I was supposed to stay on my side of the chasm and free Zojja, which whom I never even saw the first time.)

Then I started chapter 16, presumably the last one, which begins in exactly the place where chapter 15 ends.

The last chapter is, not surprisingly, a boss fight. It’s one of those kinds of boss fights… the GW2 mega-multi-phased kind which are incredibly long and tedious and if you mess up just a little bit, it’s back to the beginning to start over again.

Again, I’m reminded of Dark Souls. Except Souls bosses are much less tedious.

I tried that last GW2 boss twice, and it took 37 minutes from the beginning of combat to the end of the rage-quitting for the night. That’s 37 minutes to try a boss fight TWICE. ALMOST FORTY MINUTES.

I’m actually over-simplifying it a little bit. It was two bosses, which I got through, then a third boss, which I tried twice. Thankfully if you die during the third boss, you only have to retry that third boss. My last attempt took 10 minutes, and at the end of that 10 minutes when I died, the boss still had a bit over 50% health.

So in the end, my final award for most annoying HoT chapter, hands down, goes to: Chapter 16, “Hearts and Minds.” Even the title is annoying. :)

I might try it later on the weekend or something, when forty minutes doesn’t seem like such a huge amount of time. But otherwise, I’ll just move on to the Living Story Season 3.

Update PSA: DO NOT rage quit the instance if you get killed fighting Mordremoth like I did. You’ll have to fight your way ALL the way back to him again.

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