Blaugust 2015 Feeds In OPML

120 words.

Blaugust 2015 logo totally stolen from Belghast

Somebody else might find this useful:

Blaugust 2015 OPML

That is a list of Blaugust feeds exported as an OPML from InoReader. Presumably you can import that into your RSS feed reader of choice (Feedly, etc.). If the URL doesn’t work directly, you should be able to save it as a file and import it that way.

P.S. I got the list from Belghast’s list of 69 Blaugust challengers.

P.P.S. This is not a Blaugust post. :)

UPDATE: I updated the list because I left myself off of it lol. Also in case anyone sees the numbers not adding up, Missy’s Mojo is technically on there twice because I noticed she changed sites and I put them both on there.

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