Landmark – Copper Found, Europe Bound

520 words.

Landmark continues to be a relaxing gathering experience. Remember when I said I couldn’t mine anything but Dirt, Stone, Tourmaline, and Agate? Well it turns out I had been running around all this time in a Tier 2 zone with a Tier 1 pickaxe. Doh!

I have no idea how I got to Tier 2, but to get back I had to run to the central hub thingy-which probably has a cool name but I don’t know what it is-and click the big crystal hanging up in the air. I was then able to select a Tier 1 zone/place/island/thingy/whatever. Once I was in the right place, I found all kinds of copper to mine. There were orange spots on the ground everywhere!

I had put my claim way, way out at the edge of the desert in that Tier 2 zone, so I decided to move it to a more convenient Tier 1 zone. So I went back and ran all the way out to the edge of the desert, deleted my claim, and ran all the way back to the hub to get back to the Tier 1 zone. (This is a process that takes forever.)

That’s when I discovered that there is absolutely no space for a claim anywhere that isn’t way, way out on the edge of the desert. Pretty much every spot is taken. Not that I don’t like the desert-it’s kind of nice-but it’s just too far from the hub to be practical.

So I hatched a plan. I tried one of the new European servers. Bingo! There are far fewer claims on the EU servers, and I managed to get a plot somewhat near the hub in a Tier 2 zone. (I wanted to stake out a Tier 3 space, but apparently other people wanted to do that too, and there wasn’t any space left near the hub.)

I still haven’t built any structures. I just can’t bring myself to put hours into building when I know it’s going to get wiped. I know I should be able to save templates, but I don’t trust it to work yet. :) I’m not really sure what I would build anyway. Probably statues.

But I don’t have any reservations about destroying the land. I cut out a piece of my mountain to make a flat area on which to put my table saw and a few torches. (It gets pretty dark at night, which is slightly annoying.) You have to construct a table saw in your claim in order to make wooden planks, because that’s the one thing you can’t do on the default crafting table at the hub. (So far.)

Regarding the in-game community, thusfar I haven’t seen much of one-good, bad, or indifferent. It’s actually a pretty lonely experience. Every inch of land space is claimed, but I hardly ever see anyone, and when I do they are either standing AFK or running somewhere. Once you’ve built a crafting station, I don’t see much reason to stray very far from your claim. I feel like that’s got to change in future iterations of Landmark.

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