Friday Blues

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Today I’ve got the blues. It’s been a generally lousy week. I was going to skip posting today because I didn’t have anything queued up and in the broad spectrum of life, who really gives a crap whether one blog out of a billion misses a post. Instead I’m going to attempt to rid myself of this funk by writing a little bit, because it’s Friday morning and my workplace is dead as a doornail on Fridays so I have eight full hours to kill.

Last night I finally finished watching the HBO miniseries The Pacific, which is about the Pacific Theatre of WWII if you didn’t know. I had seen the first two or three episodes way back when it came out but never got around to seeing the rest. It’s excellent, horrifying, and really draining. The point is that it has interfered with my gaming time this week, so I have nothing particularly interesting to report from WildStar or any other game. My Esper has mostly been standing around AFK while I stare at my iPad. (I don’t have a television.)

I can relate to what Elysium from Gamers With Jobs is feeling right now. I’m a bit bummed that neither ESO nor WildStar have turned out to have much staying power (for me). I’m still playing WildStar but my heart hasn’t been in it this week. Maybe I’ll perk up next week.

Is anyone else even working on a AAA MMO after this? I guess EQ Next is the next big one, but I wouldn’t expect to see that before late 2015 at the rate they’re working on Landmark. What are we supposed to do until then? Play *gasp* single-player games? Anyway, I don’t have much faith in SOE when it comes to making games.

I jumped into The Secret World for a little while this week to see if I could see anything new since the Tokyo update. However after less than an hour of playing I remembered that my character is kind of stuck in the Besieged Farmlands and pathetically under-powered. If you think WildStar soloing is difficult, you should see TSW. It’s the undisputed king of hard MMOs as far as I’m concerned. Even when I go back to the previous desert zone I get messed up if I’m not careful. I feel like at this point I just need to grind and grind and grind on easier missions so I can get SP and AP. I’ve been spending my points all over the place rather than sticking with a specific path from the beginning, so I’m sure I don’t have as many skills as I should at this point in the game. It’s not a terribly attractive prospect.

So I think this weekend I’ll be regrouping a bit. If nothing else, I hope the accursed, soul-sucking rain will stop!

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