WildStar – Addons I Use

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I’ve seen some others reporting the WildStar addons they are using, so here are mine.

Overall I feel like WildStar addons are going to allow people to do “too much.” I mean, there’s an addon to automate the Simon games. Really Carbine? You put that in your API? I would not be surprised if we see aimbots very soon. But in the meantime:


AMP Finder. Pretty much mandatory if you want to locate AMPs within a reasonable time frame.

BijiPlates. Nice nameplate replacer that makes them a little less obtrusive. Too many settings though.

CameraSpeed. Yes! An addon that lets you adjust the camera speed down to something normal.

ClassicQuestText. Puts quest text into dialogs and most importantly allows you to set the font so you can actually read them.

CustomFOV. I set mine from the default 50 to 55. Probably not worth the effort, now that I think about it.

LocalTime. I only use this to change the time format from 24 hour to 12 hour heh.

XPS. A nice unobtrusive DPS meter that is a lot better than GalaxyMeter. It has tons of fancy graphs but I’ve turned all of them off.


GalaxyMeter. Awful. Just awful. And it’s the most popular one, of course. (I haven’t looked at the newer version yet.)

DeadLockExt. Meh. Too many options for something that doesn’t need any options. (I can’t stand it when addons make every little thing a configurable setting. Make a commitment! Take a stand!)

KeybindFreedom. Lets you bind actions to the left and right mouse buttons, something that cannot be done natively. Loved it, until I read the disclaimer that Carbine might remove this functionality in the future, so I decided to live without it.

Other than the above I haven’t seen very many that I feel the need to try. There’s a lot of “play the game automatically” types of addons out there that I just don’t want (for now, at least).

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