FFXIV – Two Point What Now?

213 wc

I never got a chance to write my impressions of Final Fantasy XIV’s 2.2 patch, so I will do so now. I only had about one day to look at it before ESO came out, so there are some gaps in my knowledge.

Like, for example, how I didn’t look at any of the new dungeons or trials.

I did get a chance to sort-of look into Glamours, but it appears that you need Tailor, Leatherworker, and/or Armorer classes to create those glamour crystals, and of course I do not have those beyond level 15.

I also looked into Retainer Ventures, which sounded awesome and I was pretty excited about. Unfortunately the implementation of it is considerably less exciting. It takes a lot of micro-management to level up your Retainers to the point where they can get anything useful for you, so I can’t see myself doing much of that. Still, if they could refine that process a little, it could be a great way to get those annoying crafting ingredients that only drop from certain mobs.

And then ESO came out, and I haven’t played FFXIV since. Not that there’s anything wrong with FFXIV. I would call it the best MMO of 2013, personally. But it’s on the back burner for now.

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