ArcheAge RU – Flailing Around

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I thought I would do a quick update on my progress in ArcheAge RU. I have made it to level 12. Update complete.

Thusfar I have still not been able to enjoy any of the vaunted sandbox features of ArcheAge, because I still can’t read Russian*. I have sort-of puzzled out how to grow vegetables from seeds, and how to make food from the vegetables. (I don’t precisely know what happens when you eat food - you get a buff but it only lasts about 30 seconds.) Recently I also learned how to make potions from some of the plants I’ve gathered.

But that’s about it. It’s difficult to figure out the crafting because when you open up the menus, it tells you everything you can craft, whether you have the ingredients or not. (Probably because you always have to buy one or more components.) Scrolling through pages and pages and pages of Russian looking for the one thing that might list ingredients I have is pretty tiresome. I figure that I need to turn my raw ore into ingots, but I have not yet figured out how to do that.

In other news, I passed by an area that clearly held player housing, but I could not figure out who to talk to about buying something, or if I even had that ability. Nearby there was a portal that teleported me to some kind of island resort. I suspect it was more player housing, but again I could not figure out who to talk to or how to make anything happen, and there were no exclamation points floating over anyone’s head. I probably wouldn’t have been able to afford beach-front property anyway.

One serious problem in ArcheAge RU is the point system that I now know is called Labor Points. I am playing on a free account, so I don’t have very many of them (last night when I logged off I think I had 7). And basically every time you gather something, it uses up one or more points. They only replenish at a fixed regeneration rate, and that rate is quite slow, and they don’t regenerate offline. I’m guessing that if I paid real money, it would be much easier to get these points. I trust that Trion Worlds will not cripple their free players as much as ArcheAge RU seems to.

Oh it never seems to save my keybinds, either. You can change them in-game but it always resets them next time you login. I’m not sure if that’s a bug or a limitation of free accounts. That’s a pretty harsh restriction if it’s intentional.

So mainly the only thing I have successfully been able to do is go from exclamation point quest to exclamation point quest, killing mobs, which is about as mundane as it sounds. (I have only puzzled out a limited number of class features - in addition to the flaming softball, I have added an ice attack to my arsenal which slows the target for a few seconds.)

I’m hoping some of the ArcheAge footage from Trion Worlds or other streamers will illuminate how to do more things. Or that Trion’s will go into beta already so I can buy it and play in English. :)

* I’m a bit scared to install the English language patches.

Late breaking news: It looks like Trion labor points regenerate a lot faster, and have a cap of 1000.

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