Trove Triggers 8-Bit PTSD

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Trion Worlds is working on something called Trove. Now when Trion does something, I tend to take notice, because Rift is hands down the best themepark MMO out there right now. Any arguments you might have against my statement are invalid, because I said so.

(Defiance, on the other hand, was a bit meh.)

I anxiously looked at the screenshots for Trove and … drooped with disappointment. Really? 8-bit crap graphics? Really? People are still into this? What is wrong with people?

You see, I lived through a time when 8-bit graphics was the cutting edge. I had an Atari 2600. I had a TRS-80 CoCo. I experienced the days when games really looked like Minecraft. Let me say this clearly. I don’t want to go through that again. You know why people invented newer graphics cards? Because 8-bit graphics looked like crap! It’s not retro, it’s not cool, it’s not hip. It’s unequivocally, objectively bad. All these new 8-bit retro games are like a car company coming out with a new model with a horse attached. Some people might think that was retro, cool, and hip. But most people are going to be like, “I want to go to work at more than ten miles an hour, please.”

It’s possible I have 8-bit PTSD.

Oh, the game? Sounds kind of meh. I don’t “get” Minecraft, so I don’t see why I would want an improved version of it. But if it’s got some kind of RPG element, I’ll probably check it out.

P.S. Now that I’ve actually watched the video on their page, the 8-bit-ness of the game doesn’t look nearly as obnoxious as it could be. Still, I’m not crazy about getting voxels thrown in my face.

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