Black Desert?

160 words.

We all know that blockbuster MMOs EQ Next/Landmark (the minecraft one), WildStar (the cartoon one), and The Elder Scrolls Online (the D&D one) are “coming soon.” But a while back some posts I saw about a Korean-made MMO called Black Desert caught my eye.

I hadn’t heard of it before, so I did some investigation. ( That means I went to Wikipedia .)

Wikipedia says it’s a “sandbox-oriented” MMO, but I’m not entirely sure what that means. The Black Desert site itself says it will be “focused on Sandbox Features, PvP and PvE.” Again, that’s about as vague as it gets. I’m not even sure it’s going to be available in English-speaking countries. I’ve got to think that since they made an English web page, they’re planning an English version of the game.

I hope so, because the main thing that caught my eye was the absolutely gorgeous screenshots. It looks unbelievable. I’m looking forward to seeing more about it.

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