Tower of Nightmares

354 wc

I stopped by GW2 and discovered a big ol’ patch had happened, and when I logged in to see if there was any chance of defeating Tequatl, I had mail telling me to go to Kessex Hills to save the world again. I could describe it, but Inventory Full did a nice summary already:

I haven’t played GW2 seriously in a long time but I was able to get through the initial Tower of Nightmares instance. (That’s one thing I like about GW2-it’s really easy to pick it up again after you’ve been gone, because there aren’t any complex “rotations” you need to know. Just target something, hit your main attack, and off you go.) I almost got facerolled halfway through the last boss fight when those four adds appeared right when my health was almost gone. I thought I was a goner but it turned out if you just run far enough away from them, they stop chasing you. It gave me time to recharge before coming back to take them out one at a time instead of all four at once.

Bhagpuss wondered if Kessex Hills had undergone any significant changes. After I left the instance I had no clue where I was. Everything looked totally different to me. If I remember right, that was the general area where people would stand on that broken bridge and farm a centaur event. Now there’s a big freakin’ tower there and bunch of green gassy crap and a bunch of bark-people who don’t die unless you FINISH THEM.

Anyway, it was a nifty little introductory event and blessedly short. I don’t feel any burning urge to stick around Kessex Hills to see what else is going on, though. I would imagine there’s some achievments to collect, some story quests, and some event-specific drops to pick up. None of that changes the basic gameplay of GW2, which is what I’m burned out on for the time being. I have vague plans to jump back in and check out the LFG tool, since I’ve never experienced any of the dungeons, but it hasn’t happened yet.

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