Newbie Tanking Iron Tombs (Normal)

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Again, it is hard to mess up Iron Tombs on Normal. My Bahmi warrior uses a Reaver/Paladin build, with more points into damage abilities than armor/endurance abilities for better threat. I also now have a Cleric that I tank with, for which I use the standard tank preset.

When you start, first determine if people need the quests. If they don’t, you can skip a lot of side stuff.

The trash mobs are straightforward all throughout. Run to the mobs and hit your AoE builders. That’s basically all there is to it. Occasionally a mob will run off toward the healer or a DPS, but not as often as in RotF. Use your lure abilities to grab them back. Pull casters to you with the Warlord Sergeant’s Order ability if you have it.

Caor Ashstone: Turn him away from the party. That’s it. He puts a curse on the tank, which the healer may or may not cleanse.

Three Kings: Turn each one away from the party. The last one, Laric, casts a heal called Unholy Mending which you should interrupt if you have that ability. After you kill each one individually, all three come back and attack at once. Use your AoE to grab them and turn them away from the party. The party should kill Laric first because of his heal (the one on the left as you come down the stairs). But it’s not a big deal if they don’t.

If you have the quest, after you kill the Three Kings, run around and grab Spectral Screamers with the Spectral Lure and drag them back to the platform. Then click on the lever to finish the quest.

If you have the quest, you’ll need to destroy the Death Shards. These are *by far* the hardest things in the dungeon. After you kill the floating ghosts protecting the shard, and you start on the shard itself, tons and tons of mobs will spawn and swarm you and the party. If you’re not careful, they will wipe you pretty easily. The safest way to deal with them is to stop attacking the shard and deal with each wave as they arrive. Otherwise you will have to tank them all at once. Hit your AoE builder, and if you have one, hit your AoE lure ability too. They will stun you often, so it will not be easy. Keep doing that and hopefully the rest of the party will kill them all before you die. (If nobody needs the quest, just skip them.)

You’ll get to a room with a bunch of orbs on pedastals. Run in and gather up as many shades as you can and run to one of the orbs. It will light up and do AoE damage to the shades so they die quickly. If you need the quests, you’ll have to clear the whole room so you can get to the corners of the room on the sides. Otherwise, you can just clear a path straight through.

Ragnoth: Turn him away from the party. When Elliam’s Ghost shows up, run to stand in the light, then run back to Ragnoth. But a lot of times the party will kill him before you need to run to the light. That’s the end of the dungeon. You can wait for Elliam to open the portal back or just use the Leave Dungeon menu.

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