Healer Meltdown

473 wc

I did one random expert 60 last night with my mage and got into Golem Foundry, which is one I know fairly well now (thanks to many previous PUG wipes). Everything went fine until the tank accidentally needed on a green dimension item before the last boss (the aptly-named Manslaughter) and for some reason the healer had a complete meltdown about it. None of us even noticed (including the tank) but the healer took it as a personal insult or something and we had to kick him because he stopped healing the tank. (I should point out that the tank *said* it was an accident - maybe he was secretly plotting and maneuvering to get that green dimension item all along - though I highly doubt it, since he offered to give it to the healer - who refused.) So there’s another one for the ol’ ignore list.

It took a good ten minutes to get a replacement healer, and I think it ended up being a friend of the tank’s. Which just goes to show how few healers queue for random PUGs. I would guess that maybe one in fifty people in the queue are tanks or healers, if that. And I hate to say it, but it seems like a 50/50 shot as to whether you’ll get a helpful one or a complete tool.

Then I jumped on my Bahmi warrior for another tanking of RotF. This time the group was more impatient, and kept pulling crap left and right, because, again, it’s so easy it really doesn’t matter what you do. It’s not good if you actually want to learn though, because it does not encourage proper group tactics. If DPS tried to pull stuff willie nillie in, say, an expert dungeon, they would probably wipe the group and get kicked.

I replaced Tempest with Warlord and got the “yank” ability (Sergeant’s Order), which is pretty cool. Unfortunately I lost all ranged attacks. I still couldn’t compete with the threat of people’s tank pets (rogues always bring their stupid pigs) or even their DPS but I figure that’s normal at that level. Maybe I’ll re-jigger my build for more DPS.

After that it was after 8pm, so I just went back to crafting. I got my mage’s Artificer skill up over 300, so I can now start runebreaking my own rings and wands for the Grandmaster Runecrafting dailies. Unfortunately I don’t have a ready source of metals or gems to actually make things. My two mining gatherers are still 50/51. Since f2p, I could buy a slot for the mining profession on my mage, which I will probably do just to have it. I leveled butchering on my 50 cleric from 1-300 in only a few hours, so it shouldn’t take me long to get mining up to 300 either.

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