GW2 Go Blackgate!

289 wc

Oh hey, according to the mid-season WvW report, Blackgate is winning. Go Blackgate! When I randomly chose Blackgate to play on, I picked a winner! (Actually it wasn’t random. It was a choice between Blackgate which was the “coolest” sounding server, or Yak’s Bend which was the “funniest” sounding server, and in the end I went for coolness.)

My only contribution to the war effort was capturing one empty Ruins and escorting one yak.

Speaking of GW2, when I look around the MMO-sphere, I still see a ton of posts about it, which I find completely baffling. I keep logging in to see what I’m missing, but all I see are those annoying achievement progress bars over my characters’ heads. It’s like the game is telling you right on the login screen that you aren’t welcome unless you’re willing to play a game of statistics.

Just for fun I went into the Tower of Nightmares. I zerged with everyone else through the first part of the tower, running past countless krait, which was mildly amusing, only to find that the zerg stopped at a door to an instance. It was surrounded by people saying “lfg.” Total waste of time for me and I logged out there.

Don’t get me wrong. GW2 was and is a great game, and it was awesome building three level 80 characters (okay, one is still 79), and I hope some of its core concepts make it into future MMOs. But now there is nothing more to do, or at least, nothing MMO-like to do. Level 80 characters remain more-or-less exactly the same for the rest of eternity, as far as I can tell. All you can do with them is tour living story areas.

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