Grey Wolf, Pirate King, Frozen Heart, Spellplague

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I have to say that the dungeons are my favorite part of Neverwinter. Everyone on the forums whines constantly about how poorly designed the bosses are but I find them rather fun. You don’t have to memorize any strategies beforehand - you just jump in and play your class and your role well, and chances are you’ll do fine. If you don’t play your class well, chances are you’ll get schooled and then have to go to the forums and whine about it.

Grey Wolf Den. Don’t bother until after the June 20 patch. It’s all good until the final boss which is OP just like Lair of the Mad Dragon. They must have accidentally put the epic encounter in the normal dungeon again. I tried it once and got absolutely hammered at the end - like, died within seconds, multiple times. You absolutely cannot stand in any AoE or you’re dead, no second chances - and there are a LOT of AoEs to avoid. It’s way worse than Chortlefax.

Lair of the Pirate King. This one is fun and PUGable. I did it two or three times before outleveling it, unfortunately I don’t remember much about it except the last boss is on a big pirate ship and there are a lot of chests that you have to jump to get to, and if you miss the jump, you fall to your death and it’s super embarassing. Oh, and there’s a surgeon boss that runs around surrounded by an AoE that’s kind of irritating if you’re a melee person like me. Otherwise it was pretty straightforward.

The Frozen Heart. Another one that is fun and PUGable. The first boss is kind of tedious though because you have to beat him down three different times to get his loot. The last boss can be hard too because it’s difficult to see the red AoE circles in the ice you stand on, but I think that’s being addressed in the patch.

Spellplague Caverns. Man. I tried this with a PUG of level 50-51 people (without a cleric) and wow was it hard to fight through those spawn points - I died several times and must have used 50 potions. Then the boss at the bottom of the jump bugged out and disappeared so we had to quit. I won’t try this one again until I gain several more levels, if ever. Which is a shame because I want that new kind of seal. But since I’m almost 51 now maybe I should just power through to 60 so I can hit the epic dungeons.

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