Chortlefax Fail Number 6

331 wc

Failed again in Lair of the Mad Dragon with a PUG. (I think that was the 6th failure in total.) Group composition was a guardian, cleric, GWF (me), and 2 rogues. No control wizard, but it seemed like a balanced group that should have had the tools to tackle Chortlefax. Unfortunately we struggled through most of the dungeon.

I’ve noticed that the only people who queue for Chortlefax are people who seem like they haven’t done it before. The guardian was only 30, and the rogues were 32ish. Me and the cleric were 35, but the cleric acted like he had never experienced that level of madness and was still under the illusion that he could throw out heals like candy.

I suppose that’s the only kind of MD group you can get through the queue: Rookies who have some hope that they will be that one person who gets through Chortlefax in their first PUG.

I still don’t understand why it takes so long to put together a group from the queue, even if they are all DPS groups. I wonder if it’s only pulling in people from your particular server instance (which typically only has 20 or so people in it). But half the time it seems the people in your group don’t speak English, so surely they must be pulled in from everywhere? Probably a bug somewhere. It takes seconds to queue for the first dungeon, minutes for the second dungeon, and forever to get into MD.

(Incidentally, when I play my guardian, the queues pop almost instantaneously every time, skirmish or dungeon. That’s wasn’t the case for my cleric, though.)

I read on the forums that they are planning to nerf Chortlefax in the next major update so I suppose it will be possible to finish soon. I wanted to get through it before the nerf, though. Oh well. I’ll try again tonight. I can still queue maybe one or two more times before I hit 36.

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