Back to Rift For A Bit

335 wc

I think I’m going to lay off of Neverwinter until the big upcoming patch. I find that I have little interest in doing anything in that game except running dungeons, but since it is nearly impossible to get through a queue after level 50, I just stand there doing nothing most of the time. I’m rather hoping that the next patch will make the dungeon queue work a lot better. If not, then I doubt I’ll play it much more until they make some changes.

So I’ve switched back to Rift “full time” just in time for the F2P conversion. I was one of the lucky ones to get my full loyalty rewards right away (some didn’t) and got a bunch of free stuff just for logging in. The store is one of the best implementations I’ve seen in a game. Like when it’s showing you a cool costume you can buy, it shows you what it looks like _on your character_, which is pretty brilliant.

I hate to admit it but the journey from 50 to 60 is kind of tedious (I’m about halfway through 56 at this writing). I’m only doing standard questlines, though, so I’m not really maximizing my experience. I’ll go slow on my first character, but if I ever level my other three alts, I’ll probably do more rifts and instant adventures and dungeons and such to speed up the process. The Storm Legion zones are very large and the mobs are very far apart so you spend a lot of time just running from mob to mob.

I’ve not yet done anything to optimize my build, and have barely even looked at the new abilities that came with Storm Legion. I’m just running the stock Harbinger/Chloro build which is super easy and fun to play (as long as you remember to re-cast your buffs every hour) and works fine for solo play. I’ll have to find something else for dungeons though because I’m sure I can do better DPS.

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