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Originally posted on my writing blog which was active from 2010 to 2018.

Being super drained after moving, I wanted something that I could sit and stare at for hours on end without thinking, so I started binge-watching this TV show that Netflix put into their Top 10 Shows We Know You Will Like. It’s called Revolution. After five minutes, I thought, “Oh God, seriously? Another post-apocalyptic, civilization-has-collapsed show? Like Jericho? Falling Skies? Under the Dome (kind of)? Um… all those other shows I can’t think of at this moment? And J.J. Abrams is involved? Hasn’t he done enough damage with Lost and Fringe?” I was thoroughly prepared to turn it off after five minutes and move on to something else, because I knew without a doubt it was going to suck, and it would be filled with stupid science and clichés put in by clueless TV executives.

But a funny thing happened. I was too tired to think, because of the aforementioned moving tiredness. So I kept staring at the screen. Ten minutes went by, then fifteen, then thirty. And, you know, I started to think that maybe, possibly, this show might not actually suck. Despite the fact that my brain is clearly addled from the moving tiredness. Still, there might be a possibility that I could enjoy this show even without moving-induced brain tiredness. After all, it’s got that super awesome bad guy from Breaking Bad in it. And that guy that I’ve seen before but I don’t know his name because he’s one of those actors that’s in a lot of sort of B-movie things but isn’t really a “star” or maybe some television doctor drama things on other channels that I never watch. Actually there’s two of them. And there’s that blonde-haired woman that I think was in Lost and some other stuff before that.

(It does have stupid science though. Electricity just stopped working? Really? Because physics changed? And somehow a flash drive makes it work again? Come on, people. Take a science class some time. I swear if they end up saying it’s because of quantum physics I’m going to throw the Kindle across the room.)

(But I know they will, because television writers always say that quantum physics explains everything, just like Gandalf’s magic.)

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