The Missing Word

277 words.

Originally posted on my writing blog which was active from 2010 to 2018.

I am sure you have all seen this photo by now.

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I am SO glad that this picture came to light, so I can ask this vitally important question:

WHAT IS THIS EXPRESSION CALLED?? Preferably in a past tense verb form.

The president _____ ed for the photo.

Here is the context in which I would like to use this word.

“I’m really looking forward to Black Friday,” Jack said.

“Me too,” I replied. “I can’t wait to face death at Wal-mart.”

“Yeah! It’s my favorite time of year.”

I _____ ed, trying to keep a straight face. (I am obviously sarcastificating, but Jack doesn’t get it, so I’m going to keep going until he notices, because it is highly amusing to me.) “The pushing and shoving and trampling really gets the blood pumping.”

“You know it. I can’t wait!”

“Not-impressed” is clearly not going to work. “Smirked” is close but I think of that as conveying ill-will, whereas this face is clearly whimsical. “Sneered” is wrong. “Made a face” might work but I usually think of that as a response to something icky. “Blanched” isn’t right for the same reason. “Grinned” is wrong. I like “sarcastificated” but it isn’t a word.

There is also an exasperated variation of this expression, which might deserve a whole different word. The face you would make after you explain to Jack that you were being sarcastic and didn’t really like Black Friday at all, but he still doesn’t get it, so you turn to your other friend and ____.

That expression

Yes, I am obsessed with this problem. If I find this word, it will be my greatest achievement in life.

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