May Update

309 words.

Originally posted on my writing blog which was active from 2010 to 2018.

Brainstorming for my next writing project is scheduled to begin in June. I intentionally left a month of “space” between projects because I figured I would need time to recharge, but I realized I didn’t want to stop writing altogether, so, when last we left our intrepid hero, I had decided to revise Kubak in this “off” month of May.

I’m relatively pleased with the revisions so far. At one time I thought I needed to break it into two novellas, but then I realized that I couldn’t query two novellas, so I went back to working on it as a single novel. That basically meant trying to shift the focus of the first half of the book a bit more toward Caudren than Fen. I moved some Caudren scenes to the beginning, and wrote some new ones. I also re-wrote some scenes that were from Fen’s POV to make them Caudren’s POV. So far so good.

But, as it’s now the 23rd, I won’t be finished with these revisions before June. I might have 45k words ready for an alpha reading by then. Which leads me to wonder whether I should continue Kubak revisions into June or press onward with the new project.

Or perhaps I need to rethink my entire schedule. Perhaps I should be writing new material and revising old material at the same time. I think I read somewhere that Stephen King writes in the morning and edits in the afternoon. That’s probably what I would try to do if I were a full-time writer, but right now my time is a bit more limited. Most days I only have a maximum of 2 hours of writing time, and I can’t see myself splitting that in half. But what if I were to write new material on weekdays, and then work on revisions on weekends?

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