Dr. Who Season 7, Episode 4

281 wc

Originally posted on my writing blog which was active from 2010 to 2018.

Starting Episode 4 stream as soon as I find a working proxy…

Ah, it’s working now. Starting the stream in a second… wait, maybe it’s not working after all…

Ah, I see. Had to add bbci.co.uk to the auto-proxy-switch list.

And here we go.

For the record, I am eating heated up leftover vegetables from a can while I watch.

1:09 - “The year of the slow invasion.” Woo, cool concept.

1:50 - Wait, the tunnel was *purple* this week.

3:45 - Hrm, it’s been a while since a modern-day earth invasion. I don’t even remember one under the current Doctor.

5:25 - Unit!

5:45 - Have we seen this Doctor dealing with Unit?

10:10 - Brian’s Log. Heh.

10:45 - I kind of like the concept of dealing with “life after the Doctor.” Did I mention that before? Maybe. It’s not very exciting television, but it’s pretty dramatic.

11:30 - Those dudes look like the gas mask people.

12:35 - Why do they look like they live in the 1960s? (By their dress, I mean.)

15:20 - “I am cream-crackered.” Oh, British.

21:10 - What da hell kind of glasses were *they?*

27:30 - Holy crap.

Not bad. I think I liked that one more than the previous three, but I didn’t care for the ending much. It went from “this is new and interesting dramatic material” to “recycling old themes again for the hundredth time” in the blink of an eye. Maybe it’s a setup for something big later on. I haven’t really noticed what the season arc is supposed to be yet. (Well, I thought I had, but they just abandoned it at the end of this episode.)

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