Dr. Who Season 7, Episode 3

195 wc

Originally posted on my writing blog which was active from 2010 to 2018.

00:00 - Took forever to get the stream running tonight.

01:48 - Dr. Who in the Old West is just weird.

04:45 - His face still looks weird.

08:13 - I guess this is a nod to steampunk. Well, more like a jumping up and down pointing frantically to steampunk.

09:38 - I wonder if this actor is American or if he’s a British dude with a great accent.

10:33 - So far Rory and Amy are props in this episode.

14:00 - That’s a long extension cord.

16:21 - “Incinerating intruders for three centuries…”

17:00 - Personally incriminating evidence should be behind an extra layer of security.

20:20 - Ah, the Atom Bomb argument.

22:30 - The Doctor’s awfully vengeful this season … is he taking his meds?

26:00 - New music!

28:30 - We keep getting reminders about the electricity…

30:55 - Ha! Good one.

33:50 - I think that was a clue.

37:00 - The cyborg looks a bit like Rutger Hauer. “Tears … in the rain …”

Another “okay” episode. This season seems pretty flat so far.

I think we need a new Doctor. Or a new companion. That is all.

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