Far From The Light Of Heaven (2021) by Tade Thompson

180 wc

A murder mystery in space.

  • Publisher: Orbit
  • Genre: Science Fiction
  • Format: Audible, read by Clifford Samuel (9h4m)

Shell (ie. Michelle) is traveling into space on a ship piloted by a chatty AI to get career experience. She sleeps for 10 years. Then something goes wrong. Fin, on planet Bloodroot, is sent to investigate what happened. He hates space. It’s a murder mystery!

After seven chapters, the story is entirely focused on the technical mechanics of the investigation of the murder, but there are no reasons to care whodunnit, besides, “I wonder whodunnit?” I can discern no stakes and no character development, no reason why these murders should matter even within the universe of this book. None of the deceased even have names. It’s just plot stuff happening. I’m losing interest fast.

I gave up after nine chapters, I just didn’t feel any investment in the “stuff happening,” which I believe was largely because it didn’t feel like the characters were invested in the stuff happening. My attention wandered all over the place.

Also, the audiobook reader wasn’t that great. DNF.

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