Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir (2021)

175 words.

An astronaut makes a new friend.

  • Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir (2021)
  • Ballentine Books, Science Fiction
  • Audible, read by Ray Porter, Finished 9/8/2021

I didn’t seek out this book, but it was sitting there on the Audible front page and I had a credit to burn, and I remembered liking The Martian.

It turned out to be a pretty good listen, read very well by Ray Porter. There were some contrived conflicts that didn’t make much sense toward the end, but overall it worked okay, and, while a professional scientist would probably find things to naysay, the science part of the fiction was good enough for me. It’s ultimately a character drama anyway.

However, it’s basically the exact same character as The Martian–Likeable Humorous Astronaut Guy, Part Two. I’ll look forward to Matt Damon playing him again in a movie someday.

I’m not sure how much to talk about without spoilers, so I’ll just leave it there. I’ll just say the audiobook made good use of … well, audio.

(Written 1/18/2022, backdated to 9/8/2021.)

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