A birthday, and a whole lot of horror movies.

Movie Binge - October 2023 Part 1

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Movie Binge - October 2023 Part 1

Oh man, I forgot it’s the 15th already. I’ve been in my own world since the beginning of the month.

I had a birthday in early October, so my age clicked over to thirty plus one more than the last two digits of the year, instead of what it is for most of the year, which is thirty plus the last two digits of the year. As per usual, it was a fairly meaningless, uneventful day for me, except I did lavishly take the day off from work.


I haven’t played much of anything. Actually there’s no qualifiers. I haven’t played anything. Not a single hour of any games since the start of the month. I’ve been watching movies instead.

There’s a very real danger that I’ll never finish Baldur’s Gate 3, because there’s still a long slog left before I get to what I presume is the end of the game, and I’m really tired of talking to NPCs in the city.

Microsoft has officially acquired Activision-Blizzard, for whatever that’s worth.

Media Production

Nothing. Just uploading Baldur’s Gate 3 videos.

Media Consumption

Some bloggers are watching horror movies in October (Krikket, Roger, Jaedia).

I’ve watched a bunch. Been half-heartedly working on some new blog pages to track it all with a data-driven solution, because typing it all in manually stinks.

Day Job

Slow sprint. Another change in direction for the project has occurred, so there’s very little to do.

World Context

I haven’t been on Twitter since whatever day it was that they made Tweetdeck unusable, so my ability to keep up with daily news has been severely compromised. I have to remember to say “play the news” into my phone in the morning, which I frequently don’t.


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