2021 Begins

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I have rebuilt Endgame Viable as a static site, which means massive changes for me, the developer, and some changes for you, the reader.

First, it probably looks completely different.

Second, there are some things that you won’t be able to do on the new site, at least not initially:

  • Search for posts. Update: The workaround is to type “your search term site:endgameviable.com” into Google.
  • Comment on posts. For comments, I wired up a somewhat janky private Remark42 server.
  • Like posts.

Unfortunately those were the major sacrifices I had to make in order to jump to a static site. I know there’s at least a couple of people out there who still like to comment on blog posts, and I hate to take away that feature, but Progress Demands Sacrifice, as they say. (I’m sure somebody, somewhere says that.) For the time being, you can ping me on Twitter at @endgameviable, or yell at me in the Blaugust Discord.

On my side, the new restrictions include:

  • I have to write everything in Markdown.
  • Embedding images of any kind will be much harder.
  • I have to run a compiler to update the web site.

The new site will probably be “under construction” throughout 2021, so check back if you care about such things. My main goal is to make sure the RSS feed is working. I write all my posts with the assumption that you’re reading my posts in an RSS aggregator of some kind, or else you’ve found one of my older posts in a random Google search.

Update: Incidentally, you can find a lot of other blog posts about the ongoing migration and construction of the site under the “Quest for the One Blog” tag.

Happy New Year!

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