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If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably not the kind of person who is going to watch YouTube videos, but just in case, here is a minor programming note regarding the Endgame Viable cross media empire.

Generally speaking, I only upload game videos to YouTube when all three of these conditions are met: When I’m finished playing the game (so nobody spoils anything in comments), when I at least liked the game enough to finish it, and when I think the game might be interesting to watch (meaning that my particular playthrough might be different from everyone else’s in some way-in the way I played the game, or my reactions to it). Also I try to stick to relatively family-friendly sorts of games. Few games meet all of those requirements, so I end up only uploading a handful of series to my channel.

However, I tend to record everything I play these days, which results in a lot of miscellaneous video files lying around on my hard drive. Many of them are games that I end up never finishing, or don’t like, or aren’t that interesting to watch. But I still record them, because you never know when a game might blossom into a decent video series. I typically don’t know myself until I’m at least one-third finished a game.

I’m going to try an experiment and start uploading a firehose of these miscellaneous videos to my channel and put them under a playlist called “Currently Playing.” The intent is to upload the high-quality videos that I record right away, to get them off my hard drive as soon as possible. (Normally I render the higher-quality OBS source videos into lower-quality MP4s for archiving, then delete the originals.) Depending on how consistently diligent I am, there’s a good chance there’ll be new videos every day.

You can follow my Currently Playing playlist here, which I think is sorted from newest to oldest. You can also find a couple of the latest ones over on the left side of my blog. The playlist is public, but many of the videos are unlisted. I’m not sure whether I want to make them public or leave them unlisted. They’re “works-in-progress."

The Currently Playing Playlist. The actual video shown here will probably change daily.

If you’ve never seen my videos, I think of them as video versions of blog posts. I basically just say what I think of the game while I’m playing it. (Typically they are meant to be listened to, not actually watched.) As a general rule of thumb, if I can’t find enough to say about a game while I’m playing it, it’s a good indication that the game doesn’t have enough compelling moment-to-moment decision-making for me to enjoy it very long.

And hey, I’m up to 120 subscribers now, so there’s still time to get in on this media juggernaut early. You, too, could be part of the incredibly supportive YouTube gaming community:

(That person is *really* not going to like what I say about Remnant: From The Ashes toward the end of that series.)

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