Abbreviated Creative Space

366 words.

Yesterday’s Promptapalooza prompt started with Krikket, and exhorted: Tell us about your physical creative space, and how it influences your content creation.

Except it wasn’t yesterday’s prompt, it was the day-before-yesterday’s prompt now, because I completely forgot to post this yesterday.

My first reaction to this prompt was pretty similar to Krikket’s: “Oh God I don’t want any part of that.”

I have major problems organizing my “physical space.” My creative (and living) space is almost entirely inside my head or on a screen of some kind. Consequently in situations where there’s nobody else in the house to see, as is currently the case, I make little or no effort to organize, clean, or otherwise decorate my physical environment, because it’s invisible to me.

Yesterday’s version of this post had four additional paragraphs of mortifying self-disclosure on this subject, but I’m in no mood for sharing embarrassing secrets this morning so they’ve been deleted. (No one must ever find out how abnormal I truly am!) I suppose that’s one advantage to forgetting to post a post.

Here is a picture that I spent a considerable amount of time this morning trying to frame in a way that reveals as little of my yucky computer room as possible.

That’s where all the magic happens on my YouTube channel. (Not that I’ve uploaded anything in months.) I don’t often write there, though. That keyboard is awful for speed typing. (It’s pretty awful for gaming, too, but that’s another story.)

The creative thing I am most proud of in that picture, incidentally, is the secondary USB mic duct-taped to the boom of the main microphone. It is glorious to have a clean backup microphone track for those times I accidentally have the main microphone muted during key moments of a game.

Not pictured is another thing I’m proud of: A little “shield” I made to use when recording with a game controller, to reflect button noises away from the microphones. Don’t you hate watching game videos when all you hear is the click-clack of smashing controller buttons? Yeah, me too.

Audio engineering tricks? A topic I could talk about for days. Putting pictures on the wall? Uh, what’s that?

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