Games Played – January 2019

266 words.

January has been a PC simulation game month, continuing from December.

The big oval room is a bustling tavern in my most-recent fortress, Amostitdun.

  • Dwarf Fortress, 69 hours. Yeah, I kinda still play Dwarf Fortress. It’s really not that bad once you learn it. No, really! I mean, if you’re a programmer, that is, who’s spent decades using programming text editors, moving cursors around and learning keyboard shortcuts. And also someone who’s played a month and a half of RimWorld beforehand to get the hang of this specific kind of game. If nothing else, it’s a very intellectually stimulating game, and there is no shortage of new things to experience and learn. It’s a giant brain teaser puzzle.
  • RimWorld, 41 hours. I have to sheepishly admit I haven’t played any RimWorld since I started playing Dwarf Fortress.
  • Subnautica, 11 hours. I started out playing a half hour a day in January, but one day I forgot to play and I haven’t been back since. I reached a point where I didn’t know where to go or what to do next, and the whole routine of “wander around until you find the next thing to do” gets old pretty quick for me.
  • Guild Wars 2, 3 hours. This was the brief time I played Living World Season 4, Episode 5, All or Nothing.

No PlayStation 4 games were played. I didn’t pick up a controller all month.

P. S. Every month I forget how I tag and categorize these posts, therefore it’s probably different every month, and I’ll never be able to find any of them again.

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