Realm Pop – Blaugust 17

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Thanks to a post from Leo’s Life, I learned about a web site called Realm Pop. It’s a very simple site that charts demographics information about all of the World of Warcraft servers.

I’ve always suspected that I played World of Warcraft on a fairly low population server (Undermine), but now I can finally see it in black-and-white:

232,356 players. And that is including the populations of its two “connected” realms, Anvilmar and Xavius. So it’s actually 232k people spread out over three different servers.

For comparison, the most populous (unconnected) servers range in population from about 547k up to over 1.2 million people.

Interestingly, when you zoom into the details of your server it actually lists individual players (up to 250, at least).

I couldn’t get the list narrowed down enough to show my own name, but I’m guessing Realm Pop doesn’t know I exist, which isn’t that surprising. Realm Pop apparently data mines the auction house to gather the names of players, but since it’s unlikely that I’ve posted anything for sale on the auction house in more years than I can remember, I doubt it could have discovered me that way.

I was curious to see what percentage of Night Elf Hunters are at the endgame (level 110) compared to the rest of the population. I would have thought it would be a large, overwhelming percentage, based on the number of people who say “endgame is the only game in WoW,” but it turns out not so much. Only 959 out of 6,291 Night Elf Hunters (15%) were at the endgame when Battle for Azeroth started on my server group.

The individual player links in Realm Pop’s list led me to find that you can actually see every player’s details online at For example, my main character is There you can see just how much I don’t take World of Warcraft seriously.

I’ve only collected 58 mounts since I started in 2006, which, based on a casual perusal of Twitter and the blogosphere, is like not even playing the game at all. I would have called myself a “casual player” but I feel like there needs to be a tier below that to describe my WoW behavior.

And check out that awesome raid progression! Almost a perfect 0% all the way down the board. Except somehow I’m 4/15 in Naxxramas despite not having the slightest idea where that is. I must have stumbled into by accident.

By the way, nothing much to report from Battle for Azeroth (the “battle” has not yet commenced in my game), except here is a screenshot showing the general vicinity of my character at the time of this writing. It’s a place called Bridgeport, I think, and if I’m not mistaken is the second quest “hub” in the Tiragarde zone. I’m pretty sure even the people who claim to be “taking their time” have already leveled their alts beyond this point by now.

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