Monthly Recap – June 2018

331 wc

Games Played

It's true, I have a nearly limitless supply of images from Dark Souls to put into my posts.
  • Dark Souls Remastered, 65 hours. It feels like I’ve played a lot more than this, actually. I now know this is beyond the limit of how much I can play a controller game in a month. (I remember once thinking that controller games were easier on my hands than WASD mouse-and-keyboard games, boy was *that* wrong.)
  • The Walking Dead, Season Two, 9 hours. I finally played this Telltale game, some four years after buying it, and some five years after playing the first season, because I was looking for something to do this past weekend that didn’t require much hand activity.
  • The Walking Dead, Season One (400 Days DLC), 2 hours. I realized I never got the 400 Days DLC for the first game so I played through that, too. I *should* have played it before Season Two, but of course I didn’t.
  • Dark Souls III, 2 hours. I started trying to make a new character so I can finish my The Ringed City DLC playthrough, but I abandoned it to rest my hands.
  • Fallout 1, 1 hour. Another game I tried to play because it required only mouse clicking and no WASD movement, but despite loving the game in 1997, it’s a bit of a snooze-fest in 2018.
  • Guild Wars 2, 1 hour. I played the first part of the Living World Season 4, Episode 3, which was the entirety of my MMORPG gameplay for the entire month.

I found yet another disadvantage of console gaming because I can’t track anything I play there. I just have to guesstimate that I played a few hours of Demon’s Souls on the PS3 this month, which I also abandoned to rest my hands.

Other stuff: I also have a Fallout 4 podcast and a YouTube channel but it’s just too much work to summarize that stuff in text form every month hehe.

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