MMO Roundup #7

330 words.

Not only am I still trying to find a formula for this weekly bullet post, but I am also still trying to find the right formula for the post’s title.

A hilariously anachronistic priest in a supposedly historical game.

I have played nothing at all this week except Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and am now over 60 hours. I almost rage quit when I met the first boss and died a hundred times, but after I eventually beat him mostly through luck and potions, I realized it was actually really easy and there was no need to quit. :)

I missed some news last week about the ESA opposing efforts to preserve dead MMOs. I didn’t read every detail and don’t have a solid opinion about this, but I’m very skeptical of any argument that essentially begins with, “We spent a few bucks on your game, so therefore we are entitled to play it forever no matter what it costs, because seriously guys, we really, really want to!” This is a topic way too big for a bullet point, though. Here’s MassivelyOP’s aggressively one-sided discussion of it.

H1Z1 launched. Yawn. Never played it, never will. Ha ha ha! Ahhhhh.

Funcom’s new game sounds dumb. But, who knows? It could be fun. But no, it probably won’t be. If the best thing your game has going for it is the quirky “huh?” factor of playable duck races, there could be a problem with long-term playability. Then again, XCOM was very fun. For a while. Basically I have no idea what to expect based on this announcement. :) But I can tell you with complete certainty that if they opened up pre-orders today, I would not buy it no matter what incentives they offered.

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