Comfy Questions and Answers, Part 2

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This is a photo I took in the New York Cloisters museum some years back. Seemed appropriate for the Jesus talk down below.

Had a rough night last night with back pain. One of those situations where there’s no way to stand, sit, or lie down that feels better. It’s a lot better today but I’ve also been working harder to keep myself still. Yesterday I tried to ignore it. Big mistake. Frustrating as it might be, there’s always less overall down time when you stop and rest rather than try to keep pushing through the pain or sickness. There’s your dose of adult wisdom for the day.

I haven’t really thought about my eye much today, which is a good sign. It almost feels like a natural part of my body again.

More “comfy” answers coming up:

6. “What’s your dream holiday?” Besides the spellings of “favourite,” the phrase “dream holiday” instantly pegs the creator of this list as European. We don’t say “holiday” here in the U.S., we say “vacation.” Anyway, I don’t even think about such things. I’m not good at vacations. I think about doing something productive or creative or useful from the moment I wake up until the moment I fall asleep every day, either that or I worry about what to do next or that I’m not doing enough.

7. “How many kids do you want?” I don’t want any kids, I’m way too old for that. I generally find kids a lot less appealing after they start to talk, anyway.

8. “Favourite weather?” I like warm, sunny weather these days. I don’t like to go outside much-well, not where anyone can see me-but I love to know that the sun is out there somewhere. I strongly dislike rain and snow, and it will often affect my mood dramatically and negatively.

9. “What would your last meal be?” Probably something bland and uninteresting, because I don’t care a whit about food. I hate that I have to eat all the time to stay alive. It’s boring and a waste of my time, because I can’t do anything while I’m eating except just sit there and shove chemicals into my face. If they made something like dry dog food for people, I’d probably just munch on that all day.

10. “You can spend 24 hours anywhere, any year, where do you choose?” If I can spend 24 hours “any year” I’d want to see important historical events. The first thing that comes to mind is I’d want to pinpoint a 24-hour period where I’d be most likely to run into Jesus and see one of his sermons. Why? I’m not especially religious but I’ve always been fascinated about why and how this one guy affected so much of the world. If I could witness a sermon, I’d find out first and foremost if he’s a real historical figure, which I don’t think has yet been established definitively (though Wikipedia says I’m wrong about that, and scholars agree on his historical existence). I’d get to see what it was that had such a important effect on his peers at the time, which somehow resonated enough to get people to write gospels, form a hundred different churches, all fighting over what he actually said and meant for thousands of years. Was it just luck? Was he the first meme? Was he the Leeroy Jenkins of his day? Or was there something really memorable about him? Was he surrounded by throngs of people during his sermons? Or was it just him and two people? Those are the kinds of things I’d want to see.

But now that I’ve written that, I wouldn’t be able to understand a word anyone said around the Mediterranean Sea in the Age of Herod. So I’d have to limit myself to time periods within the last couple of hundred years in English-speaking countries. Under those conditions I can’t think of anything. Maybe I’d go back and witness a total eclipse inside the path of the totality. I saw the eclipse last year but only about 95% totality and it was still one of the most amazing natural phenomenons I’ve ever seen, and I really wish I’d made the effort to drive a few hundred miles south to see the 100% totality.

11. “If you were a ghost, who or where would you haunt?” Well for one thing, ghosts aren’t real, and for another thing, I’d hate to be a ghost stuck anywhere haunting anyone. Everything I’ve read about ghosts says that in order to be a haunting ghost, you’d have to have experienced a pretty massive trauma in that place, and I doubt I would enjoy that. I certainly wouldn’t enjoy having to visit my wrath upon unsuspecting mortals wandering by. I’m not a very vindictive sort of person.

UPDATE: Oops I forgot I write in Markdown and have to escape numbered lists.

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