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I know bloggers are always in search of topics to write about, so I thought I would throw out some ideas here at the start of Blaugust. Then I noticed some others doing that. Then I noticed topic brainstorming is actually on the schedule for the first week. Reading comprehension, yay! Anyway a__lmost all of these are based on posts that are sitting in my Drafts folder unfinished right now.

What do you use Twitter for? Is it a conversation platform? Is it a notification platform? Is it safe? How do you use retweets and favorites?

What do you think of “remastered” games? Are they worth the effort or a shameless cash grab?

What was wrong with RIFT’s Storm Legion expansion? There seems to be a universal dislike for it, but why?

What are your favorite MMORPGs for leveling? (As opposed to playing at the endgame.)

What are your expectations for inventory management in a game? What makes it painful? What makes it easy?

What are your favorite or most engrossing stories delivered through a game?

What are your thoughts on lockboxes? Are they necessary? Are they exploitative?

Do you prefer a silent protagonist or a voiced protagonist in your games? Does your opinion change if you’re streaming or recording the game?

Are game reviews valuable anymore? Or are they just entertainment?

What do you think of Secret World Legends? Is it better? Worse? Exactly the same? What do you think of the recent trend of re-releasing games with different names? (eg. Defiance 2050)

What stops you from playing all those games on your desktop that you haven’t played in a while?

Are team-based shooters better than ever or worse than they’ve ever been?

What makes a game a “survival” game? (I would have sworn I’d posted this one, but there it is, sitting right there in my drafts.) Is it eating to live? Is it crafting? Is it building? PvP? All of the above? None of the above?

A lot of people think the MMORPG genre is dying. How do we know? What would a “healthy” genre even look like?

A lot of people miss “crowd control” classes, and it’s lack of representation in the “Holy Trinity.” But what do they actually bring to the game? In a group setting, what specific problems can be solved with crowd control that can’t be solved with damage, tanking, or healing?

How important is the DPS role in a group? By which I mean how demanding is it? DPS roles are usually looked at with disdain, but is that fair? This was also inspired by a blog post I saw somewhere or another, but I can’t remember where.

I have a theory that most bloggers play healers or tanks in their groups, and a significant number of them are or were guild leaders. Why is that? And is that even true?

In your mind, what’s the difference between an MMO and an MMORPG? Or is there any? Are you careful about which term you use? (I am.)

If you’re one of the rare people like me who doesn’t play Overwatch, why not? Same question for Destiny 2.

What was the last (PC) game you bought on a physical disc?

How many different games can you comfortably play on a daily or weekly basis? (Me: One or two.) What happens if you play too many?

How many console-exclusive titles do you have to be interested in before you buy a console?

How much do you watch streams during the week? What do you get out of watching streamers? What do you look for in streamers? Is it purely entertainment, or is it instructional or social?

P. S. Don’t answer these questions in my comments, write a blog post. :)

Two other ideas I had for Blaugust that I ultimately decided not to do:

  • Write a post each day about your favorite game of the year, going back 31 years.
  • Write a post each day about something interesting that happened in your life every year, going back 31 years.
  • These two ideas might not work if you aren’t somewhat older than 31. :)

_The photo was taken one foggy morning on a Stony Man Mountain trail in 2012. It’s a trail into a foggy unknown. Like this post is a trail of ideas into blogging unknown. That fits, right?


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