SWTOR – Bring on the Hutt

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Roughly four years after I started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic right at launch, I finally hit level 50, what once was the level cap.

I hit 50 somewhere in Corellia.

Just two and a half years after the release of Rise of the Hutt Cartel, I rolled into Makeb to face the Regulators. Or Hutts. Or whatever. I’m not following the story super closely.

SWTOR is the MMORPG that I find most comfortable right now. I really don’t have to think very much when I’m playing it. Especially since they made the change to allow any companion to play any role-I set Kira to heal and blow through everybody without stopping to rest, watching the pretty lights and sound effects as my guy whips his lightsaber around. That’s about the complexity of gameplay that I want in my MMORPG right now.

So only ten more levels until I get to Fallen Empire, the place I meant to get to several months ago.


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