Skyforge 2-Hour Scorecard

254 words.

I spent a few hours with Skyforge. I didn’t buy any of the founder’s packs or anything so this is the totally free-to-play experience.

Business casual is the way to go in Skyforge.

  • Character Creation: Okay
  • Lore: Meh
  • Dialog: Meh
  • Visuals: Good
  • Performance: Good
  • Sound: Okay
  • Music: Meh
  • Voice Acting: Okay
  • UI: Fantastic
  • Customization Settings: Minimal
  • Ads: Subtle, except for the launch window
  • Free-to-play disadvantages: Less “sparks” so I guess you advance slower
  • Classes: Okay (3 to pick from initially)
  • Combat Style: Action, Button Mashing
  • Difficulty: Surprisingly challenging for a game these days
  • Progression Style: Skill Tree, Gear Upgrades
  • Crafting: Unknown
  • Endgame: I doubt I’ll ever see it
  • World: Small zones and instances that you travel to from a hub, like Neverwinter
  • Costumes: Plentiful
  • Appearance: Change anything at will (only the first one is free)

Things that stood out:

  • You can select your running animation and idle stance in Skyforge’s character creation, that was pretty cool.
  • Because Skyforge locks you into mouselook mode, I couldn’t figure out how to activate a mouse pointer to minimize or hide general chat, or dismiss the help tooltips. (In other games it’s Alt or Z or something like that.)

Overall, Skyforge is fun in short bursts, but there’s not a lot of depth to it for an MMORPG. It’s more of a video game than a virtual world, if that makes sense-the kind of game you play, beat, and put away.

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