H1Z1 – Dumb Question

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This is probably a dumb question, but if these Airdrops are such a fun element of the game that everyone enjoys, why aren’t they building it into the game as random spawns like Trion’s Rifts and Arcfalls? Why would they make someone pay to spawn a fun event for everyone? That makes no sense. It’s like making people buy world boss spawns. (Don’t get any ideas, game developers. That would be terrible.)

I mean, besides the obvious answer that it’s a great way to make money from players. But then, why would anyone pay for an Airdrop if there’s little or no chance of getting anything out of it (and now apparently it will be even less chance)? That makes even less sense. I can’t even imagine spending real money for that. Maybe I’m the wrong target audience. (I’ve never bought a lockbox in my entire life.)

Sometimes I think SOE goes too far with their efforts at transparency. I mean, I appreciate the honesty, but when they “think out loud” online it sounds like they just don’t know what they’re doing, which squanders the goodwill they’re trying to get by being transparent.

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