General Request For Podcasters

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This happened to me while listening to a podcast during my morning pre-work routine: My mind was wandering while the podcasters were talking, then something in what they were saying about a game grabbed my attention and made me want to check out said game. But I had no idea what game they were talking about, so I had to rewind until I got to the very beginning of their discussion topic to find out the name of the game.

So my request is for podcasters to please re-iterate the name of the game they are talking about periodically during their discussions or news items. Quite often podcasters will call it “it” and if the discussion goes on for a long time, you won’t know what “it” they’re talking about unless you were paying attention at the very beginning where one person says, “here’s some news about XYZ game.” Or even worse, if you pick up listening to a podcast a week after you heard the beginning part, you’ll be totally lost. It’s a bit frustrating sometimes, especially when you’re doing something with your hands and can’t get to the rewind button.

Alternately, somebody could invent “tracks” for podcasts (like CDs) so you could just skip forward and backward to the beginning of each discussion section.

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