FFXIV – Who Is Bogatyr Anyway?

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Experts Unlocked. With some help from the FC, I finished all three of the Expert dungeons so I can finally do the Daily Expert Roulette. Now the Poetics will really start rolling in!

Ironworks Magitek Bow. I had finished two books of the Animus relic upgrade quest but at the rate I was going it would be another ten years before I would be able to upgrade the Artemes bow again. So I went on a Poetic Tomestone farming blitz (as much as a DPS can blitz queues) so I could buy an Ironworks bow. After spending all my Poetics on the new bow, I took a trip to Hyrstmill to upgrade it to a shiny new 130 Augmented Ironworks Magitek bow. It’s the first time I’ve held something different than the foldable Bard bow since, oh, I don’t know-I can’t even remember when.

Ready for anything in Bogatyr's gear and a Magitek bow. And it's even waterproof.

Bogatyr’s Ranging Gear. With the Expert dungeons unlocked, and all the repetitions of dungeon runs for poetics, I’ve picked up the full set of Bogatyr Ranging gear. I think it’s cool. It has a sort of Russian cossack flare to it. It’s the first thing I’ve glamoured in the game so far. (You can tell I’m really dedicated to cosmetics.) (By the way, who is Bogatyr?)

Laurel Goobbue. It was the first mount I saw in FFXIV that made me think, “OMG I’ve got to have that.” Over a year later, I finally got to Trusted relationship with the Sylphs and bought the Laurel Goobbue mount, which I believe is the very first mount I’ve gotten besides the various freebies that come as quest or veteran’s rewards. (After all that reputation work it was still 120,000 frickin’ gil.)


The only other mount I’ve seen that makes my jaw drop is that red and black round Christmas ball ornament. With a lalafell clinging to the top, it’s the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. (I imagine it’s a drop from somewhere in Binding Coil.) Unfortunately that one wouldn’t work for me since I’m not a lalafell.

Binding Coil Turn 9. I ran Turn 9 with the FC Wednesday night. That place is evil. The mechanics don’t seem that difficult on the surface, but there are so many random things that could happen to end the raid. One little thing goes wrong and it’s back to the beginning. The farthest we got was the Meteor Barrage after the first set of Golems. I really enjoy doing raids in FFXIV, but at my advanced gaming age, 2 hours is a long time for me to stay focused on one thing.

Kitty power! Wish I had that ability on my hotbar somewhere.

Main Scenario. In other news I’ve reached The Steps of Faith in the main scenario, though I haven’t tried it yet. It took me about three days of PUGs to get through The Chrysalis so I’m a little gunshy. (I think they nerfed it in the most recent patch though.)

And finally, I solved the problem of never getting the Crimson Hat drop from Labyrinth of the Ancients. Behold, the Crimson Chapeau:


Is there nothing a glamour can’t fix?

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