ArcheAge – Patron Status Waning

271 words.

Ruh roh.

No more soup for you. Or land.

I logged in quickly to see what, if anything, changed. The only immediate change I noticed was that my Labor Points plummeted from 5000 to 1000. My house and land are still mine, but they are only “protected” until the 28th, after which I believe they will decay in a week.

I went to the web site to see how much it would cost to resume my Patron benefits, and realized I had never redeemed my Patron Compensation thingy, so I went ahead and did that to extend my time another 5 days. For no particular reason.

Then I saw that you can buy 30 days of Patron status for 2,400 credits. (Everybody else probably knew that already, but it was news to me.) That’s pretty cool, because I still have 5,705 credits. So theoretically I could extend my Patron time for another 60 days for free.

Buying 2,400 worth of credits will cost you $20, and you’ll actually get 3,250 credits.

I would have sworn there was also a subscription plan to simply buy Patron status for $15 a month, but I can’t seem to find it now. Maybe it isn’t showing me that option because I’m back to being a Patron for 5 more days.

Most likely I will simply allow them to take back my land, since I don’t think I’ll be playing very much in the future. By saving my credits, if I do decide to play again, I can use them to buy stuff in future holiday events. (Just kidding, holiday events in ArcheAge are pretty lame.)

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