WoW – Level Cap At Last!

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I haven’t mentioned Bragtoberfest yet because a) I haven’t really had anything to brag about and b) I’m not a very braggy sort of person to begin with. I’ve never been one of those people that parade around banks riding high-end mounts and wearing raid gear to make everyone jealous. I usually wear rag-tag outfits that don’t match.

But this is undoubtedly the braggiest thing I will accomplish this month so: I dinged 90 in WoW! First time I’ve gotten to the level cap in WoW since I started in 2006!

The Rift server Wolfsbane was down for some mysterious reason this morning, so I jumped into WoW for a bit. I had roughly half a level to go, so I spent roughly 35 seconds on some Krasarang Wilds quests and made it to 90 while killing some random mob.

(I’m kidding. Leveling in WoW is super fast, but in reality it was more like 45-50 seconds. Ha! Still kidding. I actually don’t know how long it took but it couldn’t possibly have been more than a half hour to get half a level with the help of rested experience.)

Thoroughly unimpressive screenshot of the Level 90 milestone.

It would be nice if the screen would do something more interesting when you gain a level. Because screenshots of leveling look quite bland. At least that was one thing WildStar was good at. The entire screen filled with the “ding” message so it would make a great screenshot.

You may or may not notice from that screenshot that I am not running a single addon for WoW right now. Weird, huh? I would like to say that the interface changes Blizzard made in 6.0.2 make addons much less necessary, but um, yeah, not so much. WoW still lags far, far behind the curve in basic quality-of-life.

I also noticed that my Aspect of the Hawk was gone, too. The class changes that Blizzard makes seem entirely random sometimes.

So yay! I guess I can do endgame stuff now! For like, half a month. Although honestly I never wanted to do endgame stuff with my hunter. I’d rather be using my mage, who is my second-highest level character now at somewhere around 68. I wonder if I can get him to 90 in dungeons before Draenor launches.

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