Why I Suck At Comments

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I am the world’s worst blogger when it comes to dealing with comments. Partly it’s because I’m not nearly as good at “real-time” communication as writing things in advance, but mostly it’s because it’s technologically much more difficult for me to post comments at the present time.

Most of my posts are written in a plain text editor and posted via. WordPress’s post-by-email feature, because I don’t have access to my site during the times when it’s most convenient for me to write. That’s why my posts rarely have pictures in them. And why the links are usually screwed up. Once I’ve emailed them in I touch up the post dates and scheduling with the WordPress Android app.

Of course, there is no handy comment-by-email feature in WordPress.* You might think that the WordPress app would have an easy way to respond to comments, but you would be wrong. The best way I have to write comments during my writing time is to squint at my phone, navigate to my site, log in, and write a comment in the little box at the bottom of the posts. I can do it, but it’s a pain and I don’t particularly enjoy writing a lot on my phone, even when I can hook up a bluetooth keyboard. So my comments tend to be really short and woefully inadequate to the topic.

If I were a more disciplined person I would spend more time managing the blog when I’m at home, but I typically waste most of my spare home time playing these silly games I write about.

* Naturally I discovered how WordPress can do comment-by-email right after I wrote this. I just need to re-jigger my settings so it sends the comments to an address I can respond to. Late breaking news: I can’t get it to work. :/

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