Steam’s Fall and Winter 2013 Sales

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Remember the good old days when you could buy tons of awesome AAA games from Steam for ridiculously low prices? Yeah, I think those days are over.

I was pretty disappointed in the Fall and Winter Steam Sales this time around. Almost all of the AAA games I saw on deep discount sales ($10 or less) were ones that I had already bought in earlier sales. (I still haven’t played 90% of them.) Most of the “new” sales were on indie or half-finished games, and only about 1 in 100 of those looks interesting to me. (Another 8-bit platformer? Really?) Not to mention the fact that I’ve already bought most of the indie games that interest me because they’re pretty cheap even when they aren’t on sale.

It’s probably lame and shallow of me to admit this, but I’m not a big fan of how Steam’s AAA games have been buried beneath an avalanche of half-finished indie games. It’s hard to find anything good on there anymore. And it seems like more and more big releases are not even there. (Eg. Battlefield 4.)

So in total I think I bought 3 games in the Winter sale and maybe 5 in the Fall sale. None of them were “omg I’ve got to have that!” kind of games, either. They were just “oh I heard somebody talking about that once” kind of games.

The only current Steam game that I actively want is Assassin’s Creed IV, and from what I’ve heard it’s mostly a game of pirate ships, which isn’t interesting enough for me to buy it at only 25% off. (Plus I don’t like how they’ve all but abandoned the meta-story, as I talked about in another post.)

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