Rift – Dreamweaving In 2.6

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Don’t get me wrong, I am ecstatic to see Rift adding new “stuff” to the game, but unfortunately Dreamweaving-a crafting profession for enhancing Dimensions-is way far down on the list of things that interest me. Dreamweaving allegedly allows you to craft thingys and gizmos and whatsises for your Dimensions, but I have yet to do much of anything with my Dimensions, except dump in all the Dimension items that keep filling up my inventory. My Dimension space (which is so unattended that I don’t even know its name) looks like an episode of Hoarders.

The only saving grace to the new profession is that you can create ‘Dream Orb’ armor enhancements which apparently stack with runes. So everybody will have to add another column to their ‘Best in Slot’ spreadsheets.

I doubt that I will do much with it though because I’ve never been much into collecting artifacts. It’s a cool feature, and I always pick them up when I see them, but unless you actively spend hours and days and months shunning other tasks to hunt for them, you only get maybe 1% of the number that you actually need to fill out collections. It’s been-what, 3 years?-since Rift launched and I think I still have less than 20 of those lucky coins. (That’s a hard sentence to punctuate, by the way, and not something you’re going to find in any style guide, but I want a colloquial tone dammit!)

They’re also adding a new Loyalty Tier, but I’m not sure I understand how a person is supposed to get to it without spending just gobs and gobs of cash in the shop. I’ve spent a bit on Rift over the years in subscriptions, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t even made it halfway up the ladder yet. And I’m sorry, but nobody needs to buy fifty thousand different decorative outfits, mounts, and pets.

I’m a lot more interested in the Bloodfire invasions. Ultimately it doesn’t mean much except some new achievements, but it’ll be something different to look at. I believe we’ll also be getting a World Event in 2.6 as well, so that might be fun.

I guess I’m having a hard time getting excited about Rift in general, which is sad. I remember being incredibly excited to hear about new classes in Rift 3.0, and now I’m just kind of meh about it. Where has the magic gone?

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