Massively’s Best of 2014

253 words.

I was looking over Massively’s choices of the best MMO launched in 2014.

That’s a terrible list.

Of those, I consider only two of them to be “legitimate” candidates: ESO and WildStar. And of those two, ESO wins because it is the more innovative of the two. (Only one of the Massively people agreed with me.) It’s sad to note, though, that I only played those two games for two months and one month respectively. Both suffered from the same flaw: You get most of your skills early in the leveling process and they never change much, which makes leveling somewhat pointless because your character doesn’t appear to get any more powerful. You’re forced to keep making alts to experience variety in gameplay.

ArcheAge was technically launched years ago in Korea. But even if you count it as launching this year for the first time, it’s not the best MMO of 2014.

Firefall, Swordsman, Destiny, and The Crew are not MMOs, imo. Of course, I’ve only played one of them-Firefall. Firefall is fun, but it’s nothing like an MMO to me. Swordsman is PvP so who cares. :) The Crew is… whatever, nobody cares. Destiny is just a console shooter.

Elite: Dangerous might be a consideration but it looks too much like EVE for me to believe it’s a real game. (Zing!) But I’ll probably get it soon.

Also, Massively forgot to mention Trove, which I think is officially launched now. It’s a legitimate sandboxy MMO in my opinion, and also pretty fun.

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