FFXIV Miqo’tes at Studio 54

189 words.

My Miqo’te archer is closing in on 50. With the crazy ridiculous bonus experience gained from a Low-Level Duty Roulette, she should get there tonight, Friday the 17th. (I write most posts in advance, by the way.)

My archer has been going through some seriously odd fashion phases in the last ten levels. Everything was fine at first. She had a suitable outfit that reflected her spunky, squirrel-tailed, no-nonsense, tomboy attitude through most of her leveling.

A workmanlike outfit for an adventurer.

Then something happened around level 42. She got this bizarre lizard-skin dominatrix outfit from a woman across the sea.

Going through a dark phase...

Then her Bard instructor led her to these gaudy bard pants around level 45, turning her into a flower child.

Like, far out, man.

And that led into a glamorous 70’s disco queen outfit after picking up this bronze plate brassiere in a dungeon.

You are the dancing queen...

That outfit is just not appropriate for an adorable little Miqo’te. I think she’s doing drugs in some back room at Studio 54 while I’m logged off. It might be time for an intervention.

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